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Mauricio Cano (2020)

Session-based concurrency: between operational and declarative views [DOI]


BSc and MSc Students

MSc students

BSc students

  • Elton Antonis (2018, Honours College and BSc Thesis)

  • Alexandru Babeanu (2018, co-supervised with Mauricio Cano)

  • Barnabas Busa (2018, co-supervised with Vasilios Andrikopoulos)

  • Alex Keizer (2020, UL - main supervisor Henning Basold)

  • Daan Raatjes (2018, Honours College)

  • Luis D. Reyes (2020)

  • Ana Roman (2017)

  • Kanghu Shi (2020, Honours College)

  • Bianca Udrescu (2019)

  • Jakob Vokac (2019)

  • Erik Voogd (2018)

  • Folkert de Vries (2018)

  • Evi Xhelo (2019)

Work with us!

  • PhD scholarship on "Concurrency and Logic" - supported by the Young Academy Groningen, with Barteld Kooi.

    • See below for a description

  • Postdoc: at the moment I don't have any vacancies - stay tuned!

    • If you have your own source of funding (already acquired): send me an email including a detailed CV, transcripts of academic record, and a short statement of research interest.

  • BSc / MSc students: please send me an email to discuss research topics.


Posted: January 10, 2021.

Last updated: February 4, 2021.



We seek excellent candidates for one four-year PhD scholarship on the topics of message-passing concurrency, modal logic, and type systems.

The PhD scholarship concerns the interdisciplinary project "Knowledge is Power: Reliable Communicating Software by Epistemic Logics", supported by the Young Academy Groningen (

Details on the PhD Scholarship program can be found here:

The starting point of the proposed research is "propositions as sessions", a remarkable principle that connects concurrency and logic in the style of the well-known Curry-Howard correspondence.

In this project, you will enhance the expressiveness of analysis techniques for message-passing programs by incorporating forms of knowledge and belief in formal specifications of communicating programs.

To this end, you will develop new extensions of "propositions as sessions" by exploiting elements from epistemic logics and modal logics.


You have an MSc degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science, (Philosophical) Logic, Mathematics, or Artificial Intelligence, with

proven experience in at least two of the following:

  • Modal logics and (their) proof theory

  • Concurrency theory and/or process calculi

  • Semantics of programming languages

  • Program verification and type systems

  • The Curry-Howard correspondence


Further details on the position and the application procedure are available here: (see "Project 3")

You will need to provide the following documents:

  1. A brief letter of motivation

  2. A CV, including contact details of two academic referees

  3. A research proposal of max. 1500 words

  4. A certified transcript of records

  5. Scan of diploma/transcripts

Additional Information

Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the supervisors for further details on the research project and also advice on how to prepare their applications:

  • Prof. Barteld Kooi (b.p.kooi[at]

  • Prof. Jorge A. Pérez (j.a.perez[at]