Current/Forthcoming Courses

Bachelor Computing Science at UG:

Master Computing Science at UG:

I am also a member of the Admissions Board for the MSc Computing Science. Information about pre-master and "fast-track" programs can be found here.

Past Courses

  • Formal Modelling of Communication Systems (WMCS14001) [Course Website]
    • Lecturer on [2017/18, IIA] [2016/17, IIA] [2015/16, IIA]
  • Discrete Structures (INBDS-08) [Course Website]
    • Lecturer on [2017/18, IB] [2016/17, IB] [2015/16, IB] [2014/15, IA]
  • Languages and Machines (INBTA-08) [Course Website]
    • Lecturer on [2017/18, IIB] [2016/17, IIB]
  • Introduction to Computing Science [Course Website]
    • Teaching Assistant on [2014/15, IA]