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  • ACM SIGLOG News - Editor of the Feature on "Conference Reports" (2015-2022) [URL]

  • Special Issue: Logical Methods in Computer Science [URL]

    • Best papers from FORTE'19 (co-editor with N. Yoshida)

  • Special Issue: Information and Computation (Elsevier), Vol. 275 [DOI] [URL]

    • Best papers from EXPRESS/SOS'18 (co-editor with S. Tini)

  • Proceedings of FORTE 2019 - 39th IFIP WG 6.1 International Conference on Formal Techniques for Distributed Objects, Components, and Systems (co-editor with N. Yoshida)

    • Springer LNCS Vol. 11535 [DOI]

  • Proceedings of EXPRESS/SOS 2019 - Combined 26th International Workshop on Expressiveness in Concurrency and 16th Workshop on Structural Operational Semantics (co-editor with J. Rot)

    • EPTCS Vol. 300 [DOI]

  • Proceedings of EXPRESS/SOS 2018 - Combined 25th International Workshop on Expressiveness in Concurrency and 15th Workshop on Structural Operational Semantics (co-editor with S. Tini)

    • EPTCS Vol. 276 [DOI]

  • Proceedings of DCM 2015 - Eleventh International Workshop on Developments in Computational Models (co-editor with C. Muñoz)

    • EPTCS Vol. 204 [DOI]

  • Special Issue: Mathematical Structures in Computer Science (MSCS) - Cambridge University Press, Vol. 29 [DOI]

Book Chapters


  1. A Decentralized Analysis of Multiparty Protocols (with B. van den Heuvel)

  2. Session Coalgebras: A Coalgebraic View on Regular and Context-Free Session Types (with A. C. Keizer and H. Basold)

    • ACM TOPLAS (In Press) [DOI] [DRAFT]

    • Special Issue: Best Papers from ESOP'21

    • Supersedes our ESOP'21 paper.

  3. Causal Consistency for Reversible Multiparty Protocols (with C. Mezzina)

  4. Comparing Type Systems for Deadlock Freedom (with O. Dardha)

  5. On Primitives for Compensation Handling as Adaptable Processes (with J. Dedeić and J. Pantović)

  6. Session-Based Concurrency, Declaratively (with M. Cano, H. Lopez, and C. Rueda)

  7. On the Relative Expressiveness of Higher-Order Session Processes (with D. Kouzapas and N. Yoshida)

  8. Reversibility in Session-Based Concurrency: A Fresh Look (with C. Mezzina)

  9. Characteristic Bisimulation for Higher-Order Session Processes (with D. Kouzapas and N. Yoshida)

  10. Event-Based Run-time Adaptation in Communication-Centric Systems (with C. Di Giusto)

  11. Self-Adaptation and Secure Information Flow in Multiparty Communications (with I. Castellani and M. Dezani-Ciancaglini)

  12. Dynamic Role Authorization in Multiparty Conversations (with S. Ghilezan, S. Jaksic, J. Pantovic, and H. T. Vieira)

  13. Combining Behavioural Types With Security Analysis (with M. Bartoletti, I. Castellani, P.-M. Deniélou, M. Dezani-Ciancaglini, S. Ghilezan, J. Pantovic, P. Thiemann, B. Toninho, and H. T. Vieira)

  14. Disciplined Structured Communications with Disciplined Runtime Adaptation (with C. Di Giusto)

  15. Linear Logical Relations and Observational Equivalences for Session-Based Concurrency (with L. Caires, F. Pfenning, and B. Toninho)

    • Information and Computation 239:254-302 (2014) [DOI] [PDF]

    • Supersedes our ESOP'12 paper.

    • Note: The version posted here addresses inaccuracies in Sect. 5.3 (confluence) as in previous versions of the paper.

  16. Adaptable Processes (with M. Bravetti, C. Di Giusto, and G. Zavattaro)

  17. On the Expressiveness and Decidability of Higher-Order Process Calculi (with I. Lanese, D. Sangiorgi and A. Schmitt)

  18. Higher-Order Concurrency: Expressiveness and Decidability

Peer-Reviewed Contributions

[International Conferences and Workshops. Full and Short Papers]

Drafts and Submissions

  • A Typeful Characterization of Multiparty Structured Conversations Based on Binary Sessions (with L. Caires) [DRAFT] [DRAFT@arXiv]

    • Some public presentations related to this work:

      • OPCT'14 (18/06/14) with the title "Bridging the Gap between Binary and Multiparty Communications" [SLIDES]

      • BETTY meeting (13/04/2014) with the title "Relating Multiparty and Binary Session Types via Linear Logic"

  • Logical Foundations for Domain-Aware Concurrency (with L. Caires, F. Pfenning, and B. Toninho) [DRAFT]

    • Presented at MSC'14 (12/02/2014) and at Comete-Parsifal seminar - LIX, Ecole Polytechnique (7/11/2013)

    • Superseded by our CONCUR'19 paper (see below)

Technical Reports

  • Multiparty Reactive Sessions (with M. Cano, I. Castellani, and C. Di Giusto)

  • Core Higher-Order Session Processes: Tractable Equivalences and Relative Expressiveness (with D. Kouzapas and N. Yoshida)

    • This TR comprises papers first published in CONCUR'15 and ESOP'16 and later in Acta Informatica (2017) and Information and Computation (2019), respectively. More details in the dedicated page.

  • Relational Parametricity for Polymorphic Session Types (with L. Caires, F. Pfenning, and B. Toninho.)

  • Higher-Order Concurrency: Expressiveness and Decidability Results (PhD Thesis)


  • Higher-Order Concurrency: Expressiveness and Decidability Results [PDF]

    • Dottorato di Ricerca in Informatica, University of Bologna, 2010.

      • Supervisor: Davide Sangiorgi

      • External Reviewers: Uwe Nestmann (Berlin) and Nobuko Yoshida (London)

      • Examination Committee: Mariangiola Dezani (Turin), Paola Quaglia (Trento), Francesco Romani (Pisa).

  • Soft Constraints in Concurrent Constraint Programming: Design and Implementation (with Alberto Delgado) (Análisis e Implementación de Mecanismos de Restricciones Débiles para Programación Concurrente por Restricciones)

    • Engineering Degree in Computer Science, Universidad Javeriana (Colombia), February 2006.

    • Work awarded for the achievements accomplished, Council of the School of Engineering, February 10, 2006

Other Works