Drafts and Submissions (5)

  • Comparing Type Systems for Deadlock-Freedom (with O. Dardha)
  • Multiparty Reactive Sessions (with M. Cano, I. Castellani, and C. Di Giusto)
    • Conference submission - November 2018 [DRAFT] (coming soon)
  • Declarative Interpretations of Session-Based Concurrency (Extended Version) (with M. Cano, H.A. Lopez, and C. Rueda)
    • May 2017 [DRAFT]
    • Supersedes our PPDP'15 paper
  • A Typeful Characterization of Multiparty Structured Conversations Based on Binary Sessions (with L. Caires) [DRAFT] [DRAFT@arXiv]
    • Some public presentations related to this work:
      • OPCT'14 (18/06/14) with the title "Bridging the Gap between Binary and Multiparty Communications" [SLIDES]
      • BETTY meeting (13/04/2014) with the title "Relating Multiparty and Binary Session Types via Linear Logic"
  • Logical Foundations for Domain-Aware Concurrency (with L. Caires, F. Pfenning, and B. Toninho) [DRAFT]

Editorial Work

  • ACM SIGLOG News - Feature on "Conference Reports" [URL]
  • Proceedings of DCM 2015 - Eleventh International Workshop on Developments in Computational Models (co-editor with C. Muñoz)
    • EPTCS Vol. 204 [DOI]
  • Special Issue: Best papers from ICTAC'15 (co-editor with M. Leucker, C. Rueda, and F. Valencia)
    • Mathematical Structures in Computer Science (MSCS) - Cambridge University Press, to appear [DOI]

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Peer-Reviewed Contributions (41)

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Technical Reports (3)

  • Core Higher-Order Session Processes: Tractable Equivalences and Relative Expressiveness (with D. Kouzapas and N. Yoshida)
    • This TR comprises papers published in CONCUR'15 and ESOP'16. More details in the dedicated page.
  • Relational Parametricity for Polymorphic Session Types (with L. Caires, F. Pfenning, and B. Toninho.)
  • Higher-Order Concurrency: Expressiveness and Decidability Results (PhD Thesis)

Theses (2)

  • Higher-Order Concurrency: Expressiveness and Decidability Results
    • Dottorato di Ricerca in Informatica, University of Bologna, 2010.
      • Supervisor: Davide Sangiorgi
      • External Reviewers: Uwe Nestmann (Berlin) and Nobuko Yoshida (London)
      • Examination Committee: Mariangiola Dezani (Turin), Paola Quaglia (Trento), Francesco Romani (Pisa).
  • Soft Constraints in Concurrent Constraint Programming: Design and Implementation (with Alberto Delgado) (Análisis e Implementación de Mecanismos de Restricciones Débiles para Programación Concurrente por Restricciones)
    • Engineering Degree in Computer Science, Universidad Javeriana (Colombia), February 2006.
    • Work awarded for the achievements accomplished, Council of the School of Engineering, February 10, 2006

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