Jorge A. Pérez

Associate Professor (tenured) in Software Foundations - University of Groningen.

Leader, Fundamental Computing group - Bernoulli Institute.

I am also affiliated with:

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My research group tackles a key societal concern: how to develop error-free computer programs. Our current passion is the verification of message-passing programs: the backbone of the software infrastructures we all depend on.


Rigorous programming models for concurrent and message-passing computation.

I am especially interested in:

  • Logical foundations of concurrency: the Curry-Howard correspondence for Concurrency (CHoCo).
  • Verification techniques: type systems (e.g., session types), logics, behavioral equivalences (e.g., bisimulation).
  • The expressive power of core programming languages with concurrency.

My VIDI project - see the project page.


  • VERSEN (the Dutch National association for Software Engineering) has released its manifesto on software research and education in The Netherlands. Read it here. The document describes current challenges, including Software Reliability.
  • My student Mauricio Cano has successfully defended his PhD thesis ("Session-based concurrency: between operational and declarative views") on January 7, 2020!
  • I have been selected as one of the seven new members of the Young Academy Groningen!
    • Read the press release: [RUG]
  • My VIDI grant proposal Unifying Correctness for Communicating Software has been awarded funding!
    • Read the press releases: [NWO] [RUG1] [RUG2]
    • See the project page for further information; feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about it.


Prof. dr. Jorge A. Pérez